Something to share…some things to share….


    Every seed that you create will fruit.

                Thoughts become life’s experiences…


Festival for Siblings


The festival for siblings
The time for renewal
It’s the moment to celebrate
The bond of pure love
Raksha means bondage
Bandhan means protection
The sacred thread of Rakhi
Tied upon one’s right wrist

A sandalwood tilak is applied
On the center of the forehead
The symbol of eternity
Embellished for purity
Rose water sprinkled
For God’s grace
Food of sweetness is fed
For the rest of the days

Words of wisdom
They will everlastingly ring
It is the day of promise
The day of bond
The day to renew the spirit
For brotherly vision
Sisters and brothers are one


Undying Hope

Hope never ceases to die
For the hopefuls triumph
The cowards go backwards
The heroes assert that truth prevails

Blind faith does not exist
The courageous heart moves
When faith and courage stands firm
Hope ceases not to die

Undying hope is for everyone
Triumph over the trivial
Conquer the mountains
Let your wings fly you up above

Knowing that hope ceases not to die
Undying hope prevails
The brave heart reigns
In the field of unending pains

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